September 5, 2013 | New Releases

GdPicture.NET 10 Has Been Released!

GdPicture.NET 10 is now available to the public, with more than 100 new features, a new color detection plugin, full WEP image format support, enhanced support document annotating, vector PDF/OCR support, native 16-bit per channel image processing, better document clean-up filters, Patch code and Micro Qr-Code support, full support for ICC profiles form RGB(A) and CMYK(A) image, enhanced PDF support, super fast multipage TIFF generation with mixed compression such as JPEG & CCITT4 and more…

60 Days Free Trial Download GdPicture.NET Now!

How do I upgrade to GdPicture.NET 10?

According to our policies all our GdPicture licenses come with a 6 month upgrade protection. Owners of a GdPicture.NET license version 9 since March 1st 2013 are eligible for a free upgrade to GdPicture.NET 10. For any upgrade request, create a sales ticket (which includes your license key serial number) on our helpdesk at selecting the sales upgrade department or by contacting us through the form contact located here:

For other cases, you will find our pricing list here: Do not hesitate to contact us if you need anything!

How to test GdPicture.NET 10?

Just download the latest package available on our download page and follow the instructions during the installation process.
Download link:

New plugin

Color detection Plugin: GdPicture Color Detection Plugin is a 100% royalty free extension of GdPicture.NET which allows users to bring automatic color detection in their applications. It dramatically reduces the size of electronically stored documents to accelerate processing and file transfer.

More info here.

Image Support

  • Added support to access image information, metadata and embedded thumbnail without decoding pixel.
  • Faster JPEG codec (between 2x & 4x faster for loading and saving purpose).
  • JBIG2 decoding: speed improvement, multipage reading optimization.
  • Support for native 48-bit and 64-bit bitmap processing.
  • Multipage tiff loading time divided by 2.
  • Multipage tiff creation with mixed JPEG & CCITT compression support.
  • Option added to extract a specific page of an editable multipage tiff document without the need to decode and re-encode the bitmap.
  • Added support for sequential multipage tiff writing into stream objects (including mixed compression support).
  • Added support to specify compression of each page in multipage tiff writing.
  • Improved PNG encoder and added interlacing + compression level customization + 48 & 64 bit PNG creation + predictor support.
  • Added RLE compression support for 8bpp BMP saving.
  • Added 48 bit & 64 bit output support JPEG 2000 saving.
  • Full ICC profile support for RGB and CMYK color spaces.
  • Added transparency support for EXR saving.
  • WebP image support (reading & writing).
  • Multipage ico reading support.
  • Added support for CMYKA, CMYK16 and CMYKA16 color spaces with ICM correction.
  • Added support for CMYKA and CMYK16A tiff creation.
  • Thumbnail reading and writing in image structure.

Document Annotation Support

  • GdPicture/XMP annotations can be burnt in vector mode into PDF
  • Added support for IPTC tags writing and editing.
  • Added support for GdPicture XMP annotation copy / paste.

Document Imaging

  • Improved accuracy of the automatic document recognition engine.
  • Automatic document orientation detection speed and accuracy dramatically improved.
  • Auto deskew is until 5x faster.
  • “Number of copies” & collate option support in the printing dialog boxes.


  • Create PDF/OCR from PDF keeping all input document content (fonts, text, bitmap, vectors, metadata, page structures…).
  • GdPicture Tesseract Plugin is now based on Tesseract 3.02 and includes more languages.
  • GdPicture Tesseract Plugin behaviour can now be fully customized.

PDF Support

  • AES 256 bit encryption support.
  • Average page rendering time decreased by 20%. Until 50% on bitmap based PDF.
  • JPEG2000 compression scheme support for bitmamp encoding.
  • Improved PDF parser to recover corrupted documents and to speed-up document reading / generation.
  • Added support for Adobe PPKLite digital signature applying.

Image Processing

  • Morphological Operators: Thinning, skeletonize, open, close.
  • Native 16 bit per channel images filter support.
  • Sobel and Prewitt Operators Edge Detectors filters.


You can find the complete GdPicture.NET changes history from our dedicated forum topic located here.