August 6, 2012 | New Releases

GdPicture.NET 9.1 Is Here!

GdPicture.NET 9.1 is here!

As usual we have continuously worked on the toolkit core introducing speed enhancements while reducing memory usage.

We have also fixed all the latest reported bugs and introduced a new set of features based on customer requests. Let’s start working on 9.2 now! :)

Main changes:

  • Added support for loading the entire document into the memory before the start of the decoding process. This allows to subsequently overwrite or delete the source file.
  • Stream support improvement. Documents can now be loaded from non-seekable stream objects.
  • Added item insertion in the ThumbnailEx control.
  • Owner drag & drop support in ThumbnailEx. New example in vb & c# added demonstrating drag & drop between two ThumbnailEx objects.
  • Added asynchronous support for item deletion, modification & insertion in the ThumbnailEx control.
  • Improved image compression performances.
  • Improved TWAIN support with Citrix and WPF applications.
  • Improved document rendering speed.
  • PDF caching mechanism improved, especially for image attributes extraction.
  • Improved document type identification by header analysis.
  • Small performance enhancements & minor bug fixes.

Full changes log is available in our community forum through this thread.

Full changes log from GdPicture.NET 9.0.9 to 9.013 is also available here.