September 26, 2011 | General

New Helpdesk/Support Platform with Chat Option

Hi guys!

Maybe some of you noticed that our Helpdesk/Support Platform system looks a little different. Our goal is to achieve the best quality of service possible and we added a lot of new functionalities to improve interactivity with the users.

So what’s new on the Support Platform?

  • Live Help Support

When our support team is online, you will now be able to reach our agents directly through a chat window. The window is available on the left hand side of our website.


  • Instant Remote Control

Now our agents can interact directly with the user’s PC !

During a chat, you will be able to connect to the agent by downloading a small executable file from the support’s desk web server.Once successfully connected, the remote control session begins immediately.


  • Customer Survey

When a chat session ends, you will be able to rate the conversation. This tool is very useful for us to see in which ways we need to improve our service.


Please note that the new Helpdesk/Support Platform is currently in the testing phase for two weeks.

This weekend we made some changes in our helpdesk platform to increase support reactivity from our staff. During the installation process, we encountered several issues: all our registered users received three different emails from GdPicture  (GdPicture.NET 8.0.3; GdPicture.NET 8.1 Has Been Released; GdPicture.NET 8.2 New Release). If you received these emails, please excuse us for the inconvenience, you were not supposed to get them.

Thank you for your comprehension.


The GdPicture Team.