GdPicture.NET v8.3 Released with QR-Code Barcode Recognition Plugin

Hello guys,Good news!

GdPicture.NET version 8.3 is now published and includes a new barcode recognition engine, and we know some of you were waiting for it:

GdPicture QR-Code Barcode Recognition Plugin for GdPicture.NET!

As usual it’s fast, accurate and easy to use, works in 32 bit & 64 bit version and with any Windows operating system from Windows 2000 to Windows 7. It’s also thread-safe and of course royalty-free.

Specific functionalities are:

  • Detects QR-Code in more than 90 different image formats, including PDF.
  • Detects multiple QR-Code barcodes from black & white, grayscale, palletized and color images.
  • Returns the string value of each QR-Code barcode recognized.
  • Returns the bounding box of each QR-Code barcode. -> top-left, top-right, bottom-left & bottom-right points.
  • Returns the confidence of each QR-Code barcode.
  • Returns the version of each QR-Code barcode.
  • Detects QR-Code barcode on a full page or on a region of interest.
  • Support for ECC error correction algorithm to recognize partially destroyed symbols.

You can see all the new features of v8.3 on the GdPicture forum.

You can find all the information about the QR-Code Barcode Recognition Plugin here.

Download and evaluate it there and tell us what you think!

As it is included in a medium release of GdPicture.NET 8 (v8.3), this engine can be unlocked & used without any additional charge by all the ultimate license owners.


The GdPicture Team