May 3, 2019 | New events, PDF, PDF Day

First Edition of the PDF Day France: That’s a Wrap!

PDF Day France -  That's a wrap!

The first Edition of the PDF Day France took place in Toulouse on April 4th. Speakers from all over the world came to speak – en français – about various aspects of PDF technology.

Au programme, we had:

  • Elodie Tellier, COO and Communication Manager (ORPALIS)
    PDF ISO standards and the PDF Association
  • Lionel Dejean, DMS architect, Airbus S.A.S., and Saïd Elmorabiti, SEAL Systems
    Enterprise M2M PDF(/A) conversion & checking ecosystem @Airbus – Supported by SEAL Systems Solutions
  • Dany Amiouny, IT Director, Amyuni Technologies SARL
    Production of well-structured PDFs to facilitate processing and integration into document management processes
  • Bernard Hauzeur, Ingénieur TIC, PDF Tools AG
    Manage the quality of documents from capture to archiving
  • Loïc Carrère, CEO and CTO (ORPALIS)
    Optimization of existing PDF files: issues, constraints, and methods
  • Gert Michiels, Product Manager, Foxit Europe GmbH
    “Enterprise PDF Rendition” – What is this? And more importantly, what does it bring me?
  • David van Driessche, Chief Technology Officer, Four Pees, Executive Director, Ghent Workgroup
    An introduction to accessible PDF documents and the PDF/UA standard
  • Patrick Gallot, Application Support Engineer, Developer Support, Datalogics, Inc.
    A dive into PDF optimization

What we learned at the PDF Day France

  • There are numerous ISO standards for PDF
    Everyone knows about PDF and PDF/A. however, there are some other standards that cover specific domains: printing and prepress with PDF/X and PDF/VT, engineering with PDF/E, and there is even an ISO for making PDFs accessible to people with disabilities (PDF/UA).
  • Accessible PDF is on the rise, administrations, companies, and contractors need to get ready.
    You make a PDF accessible by tagging it correctly so it can be read by assistive technologies.