November 17, 2021 | New events, PDF, PDF Day

PDF Days 2021: That’s a Wrap!

illustration for the PDF Days 2021

Last October, the PDF Association held a series of webinars about various aspects of the PDF format. Our technical presentations covered PDF/A conversion and validation and the growing low code/no code ecosystem for PDF tools.

Remote for the second year in a row, the PDF event hosted 24 technical conferences over the month of October. The Solution day, on October 19th, allowed sponsors to showcase their products and solutions.
ORPALIS and Aquaforest are members of the PDF Association and sit on the board of directors. We’re happy to sponsor quality events like this one to promote the PDF format globally!

Technical Days

ORPALIS: PDF/A conversion and validation challenges


We will examine how specific problems are handled in these (not so) similar processes. Sometimes PDF/A validation can be more complex than PDF/A conversion, and in other cases, is it the other way around. What makes a document difficult to convert or validate? And how to overcome these challenges?

Watch the webinar

Aquaforest: The Low Code Revolution and PDF


Ever-increasing demand for productivity and faster time to delivery is increasing awareness and adoption of Low-Code application development by IT teams and “Citizen IT”.
This trend is disrupting traditional patterns of software development and is shifting development towards cloud-based low-code platforms.
This session will aim to answer the question “What does Low Code mean for PDF Developers and PDF Technology Companies?” and will cover the following topics: