May 3, 2012 | New events

GdPicture 5 End Of Life

GdPicture 5 reaches end-of-life on July 1st 2012. Upgrade to GdPicture.NET 8/9 before August 1st 2012 to take advantage of the upgrade offer.

What does end-of-life mean?

After July 1st 2012, we will no longer provide updates, security fixes or customer support for GdPicture 5 series.

What does this mean for your license?

According to our policies and license agreement, your license continue to work perpetually.
However, after July 1st 2012, we won’t be able to help with any customer support question or issue related to the software.

Upgrade to GdPicture.NET 8/9: Before August 1st 2012

You can upgrade your GdPicture 5 license to GdPicture.NET 8/9 by contacting us through our helpdesk plateform. Select “Submit a Support Ticket” and chose the “GdPicture Sales – Upgrades” department.