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FileHold Systems Inc.: Business Solutions for Document Management Challenges

FileHold Systems Inc.

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Today in our Customers’ Success Stories series, we are going to British Columbia, Canada, where the company FileHold Systems develops, sells and supports document management solutions for customers in all industries in every part of the world.

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The proliferation of electronic information has challenged organizations to optimize their business processes to control and manage this information.  Electronic document processes are various and complex. Companies like FileHold Systems provide a solution to organizations who need a secure, compliant, searchable way to organize all of this electronic information.

FileHold: Providing Document and Records Management Solutions

FileHold Systems Inc. is the designer and developer of enterprise grade Electronic Document and Records Management software for medium sized companies, departments, and large organizations.FileHold was founded in 2005 and focuses on providing its customers with commercially available “off the shelf” software (COTS) solutions. The business strategy was to make this category of software affordable by going to market via the web and delivering and supporting the software using remote internet based technologies. Customers are global including those located in the USA, the Middle East, South Africa, Algeria, China, Canada, and France.

A Comprehensive Solution for All Industries Struggling to Manage Electronic Information

The FileHold software enables organizations from all industries to optimize their document related business processes. Features include:

  • Flexible processes to import documents into the centralized FileHold system from other sources such as SharePoint or a simple fileshare.
  • Automated indexation by capturing relevant information and storing it as metadata.
  • Document workflow and approval processes throughout the entire organization.
  • Powerful and Intuitive document full-text search function.
  • Document version control to ensure everyone knows the current version of a document.
  • Multiple levels of security to ensure confidentiality of documents.
FileHold Courrier

The FileHold software through a feature called “Courier” allows safe external document sharing through a secure portal that creates an audit trail of view or approves activity.  FileHold software provides enhanced intellectual property and sensitive information protection.

Suppliers Relationships

FileHold has worked hard to build mutually beneficial relationships with its component supplier’s one of them being DocuVieware.
The decision to partner with DocuVieware was made by Russ Beinder the CTO at FileHold. Russ is an entrepreneur, a seasoned business analyst, computer technologist, and a certified Project Management Professional with more than 30 years of experience.  Russ said “we did a very thorough analysis of potential partners for our document viewer needs and selected DocuVieware. It is by building long-term partnerships with qualified suppliers that our best results can be achieved.

DocuVieware, an All-Inclusive SDK for Web Applications with a Flexible Licensing

The licensing policy of their current viewer supplier was restrictive, so company management started to search for a new one.  FileHold customers range in size from 10 to more than 2,000 users, so the primary goal was to find premium web tools for document viewing that came with a flexible licensing policy.

The FileHold team conducted a thorough market research and settled on DocuVieware HTML5 Viewer and Document Management Kit.
The all-in-one SDK allows unlimited on premise distribution and can be integrated into new or existing projects easily. Besides HTML5 viewing, DocuVieware offers a large number of other features relevant for the company’s online applications.
When an upgrade of the toolkit is released (the SDK evolves weekly), the FileHold developers integrate the functionalities which are beneficial for their customers.

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