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INP Toulouse: Automate the Processing of Examination Papers

January 5, 2021

Presentation The INP Group brings together more than 30 engineering schools, over 20,000 students, including 1,360 apprentices and 2,400 doctoral students. Toulouse INP is ranked 5th best performing French engineering school according to the U-Multirank 2020 international ranking (out of 52 French schools). The INP Group is known for: its experience in teaching and learning, […]

Cambron Software: Technologies that Advances the Art

September 15, 2017

Hi Everyone, After telling you a few of our customers’ success stories with our HTML5 viewer and document management kit DocuVieware (see our DocuVieware blog), we now switch to GdPicture.NET. And we continue our world tour with the UK and Scotland! Today we are introducing you to Cambron Software and its popular software Power Music. […]

LETRA: Redefining Public Education in Slovakia

September 7, 2017

Hi Everyone, Today on our blog, we are continuing our series of our customers’ success stories.After Swedish ALCOM and Canadian FileHold, we are happy to introduce you to LETRA. LETRA is a nonprofit organization based in Slovakia that develops applications to view, annotate, and share documents and presentations. LETRA: Powerful Documents LETRA is a non-profit […]

FileHold Systems Inc.: Business Solutions for Document Management Challenges

August 30, 2017

Hi Everyone, Today in our Customers’ Success Stories series, we are going to British Columbia, Canada, where the company FileHold Systems develops, sells and supports document management solutions for customers in all industries in every part of the world. The proliferation of electronic information has challenged organizations to optimize their business processes to control and […]

Optimized Teaching: Moving Towards Digital Exam Processing

July 12, 2017

Hi Everyone, Olof and Jocke from ALCOM visited us from Sweden a few weeks ago. They introduced AldocCorrection, an ambitious and innovative web application.We were very excited to meet them in person to exchange about programming practices and what’s new in the document imaging world. ALCOM: bringing digitization to public institutions ALCOM is a Swedish […]