May 2, 2012 | New Releases

GdPicture.NET 9 Beta Is Coming Soon

Hello there!

We are almost ready with the next major version of GdPicture.NET. So we are pleased to announce the availability of GdPicture.NET 9 Beta for May, 7th. 2012.

Making the GdPicture V9 implied some core re-factorization. Therefore, the Beta phase will approximately be 50 days long. GdPicture.NET 9 final version will be available for sales starting July 1st. 2012.

How to join the Beta program?

The Beta program will be limited to 50 users.

You can submit your request through our helpdesk platform located here. Click on “Submit a Support Ticket” and select the “GdPicture.NET 9 Beta Program” department. Just say “hi” on the message content, we will understand.

Then we will send you the needed information to evaluate the new version.

Major changes of the V9

The following list must be considered as a short overview of the new features. A complete list will be available soon.

  • Core library re-factorization to reduce memory usage, increase speed, improve stability and avoid regression on minor & medium releases.
  • Support for linearized PDF creation (Fast Web view mode).
  • Full PDF transparency support, for PDF Viewing and PDF creation.
  • Lot of new PDF features. IE: Digital signature with stamp, page drawing support, Bookmark reading & writing, page duplication…
  • PDF rendering speed have been increased by 10 – 20%. With lower memory usage and better rendering quality.
  • Speed improvement of the sophisticated document image processing (autodeskew, auto border removal, despeckle…)
  • Major performance increasing on indexed bitmap processing. In term of memory usage and speed.
  • Dramatically speed increasing in editable multipage tiff & gif handling.
  • Better performance and accuracy for 1D and 2D barcode detection. With lots of new options.
  • New PDF417 barcode recognition Plugin.
  • New Document Imaging filters: noise removal, lines removal and Blob removal.
  • Support for Framework 4.5.

Other features such as 2D barcode drawing, Post Script viewing  and more should be ready for the final V9 or for a medium V9 release. Work is in progress…