September 1, 2011 | General, Important features, New Releases

GdPicture.NET 8.2 Released!

Hi guys!

We hope that you enjoyed the summer and for those who were on vacation, welcome back!

We’re excited to announce the new release of GdPicture.NET 8.2 which contains lots of new stuff:

What’s new ?

  • OMR engine accuracy increasing
  • 1D Barcode reader engine accuracy increasing
  • Adobe PDF Annotation scheme support
  • PDF Form Fields editing support
  • New AnnotationManager class to handle GdPicture/XMP annotations by code
  • Improved Toolkit stability in extreme multithread context
  • Memory allocation and usage optimization of the Toolkit core
  • Improvement of the document imaging filters speed & accuracy (autodeskew, blank page detection…)
  • Support for Multiselect and Drag & Drop in the ThumbnailEx control
  • Battery of reported bug fixes

And a s usual, lots of changes in GdPicturePDF, GdPictureImaging and GdViewer Class, and a new AnnotationManager Class.

You can check the full change log here.

We hope that you’ll like it!


The GdPicture Team.