November 2, 2011 | General, Important features, New Releases

GdPicture.NET 8.4 is Now Released!

Hi guys!

GdPicture.NET version 8.4 is now live and we added some exciting features: in the Viewer you will find a new Magnifier tool

Properties related to the Magnifier Tool in the GdViewer class are:

  • MagnifierWidth
  • MagnifierHeight
  • MagnifierZoomX
  • MagnifierZoomY

The other features included in GdPicture.NET 8.4 are:

  • Full Unicode support for text writing in PDF with many font scheme support such as Open type and post script: .fon, .fnt, .ttf, .ttc, .fot, .otf, .mmm, .pfb, .pfm.
  • New featured C# demo application for Image processing with undo/redo features.
  • Improvement of the Toolkit stability, especially for the OCR and the barcode recognition engines.

You will find the new methods of the GdPicture PDF and AnnotationManager class in our forum here.


The GdPicture Team