February 22, 2016 | General, New Releases

GdPicture.NET v.12 and DocuVieware v.2 New Major Releases

Hi everyone,

New year, new major versions!

Please welcome the new major releases of GdPicture.NET Document Imaging SDK and DocuVieware HTML5 Viewer and Document Imaging Kit!

GdPicture.NET 12 introduces brand new exciting features like Office Open XML related capabilities, support for PDF Layers, advanced document utilities and more.  As usual we have worked on our existing features: our barcode recognition and character recognition engines have been dramatically improved.

As our HTML5 viewer and document management kit DocuVieware version 2 is powered by GdPicture.NET 12, it shares all its new features and improvements. It also introduces Office Open XML related capabilities, TWAIN acquisition, page reordering and PDF Form Fields support.

You can check the full change log on our forum here and on our dedicated GdPicture.NET 12 page.

GdPicture.NET Version 12

GdPicture.NET 12

Office Open XML Word Processing Document

GdPicture.NET 12 introduces the Office Open XML Word Processing Document support for preview purpose.

Convolution filter

Integrator can now apply convolution filters with GdPicture.NET.

Advanced document utilities

Several advanced document utilities like identification of the document format and preview are now offered.

PDF Layers

GdPicture.NET now supports PDF Layers (reading, writing and browsing), also called Optional Content Groups. GdPicture.

Major improvements of the SDK are now available:

  • The internal cache system of GdPicture.NET has been redesigned to improve the performances of the application when handling fonts.
  • The barcode reading engines (1D and 2D, PDF417, Data Matrix) are now 20% faster and are more accurate when processing color images.
  • The GdPicture.NET integration of Tesseract has been upgraded to the latest version and the accuracy of the page orientation detection technology has been improved without affecting its speed.
  • PDF reading is now 57% faster, PDF Rendering 12% faster and the speed to generate a PDF has also been improved. PDF rendering has been extended to all types of shading. It is now possible to link to a page within the PDF.
  • NET now offers the possibility to create square box custom annotations.
  • Searchable PDFs are now making use of True Type fonts, fixing some issues that may happen with Microsoft SharePoint and other popular ECM systems.

Also available…

New features (support for 8-bit reversed grayscale palette JPEG and JPEG 2000) have been added and existing features have been improved (JPEG speed, DICOM parser, RAW support and blank page detection accuracy).

DocuVieware 2


DocuVieware 2 benefits the strong improvements of GdPicture.NET 12.
Version 2 is faster, uses less memory and allows the same server hardware to support more concurrent users than DocuVieware 1.

Twain acquisition

DocuVieware TWAIN acquisition supports all widely used web browsers on any Windows operating systems (starting with Windows Vista).

Form Fields

DocuVieware 1 was able to display PDF containing form fields, DocuVieware 2 introduces the possibility for the user to fill in the fields.

Event Page Transfer Ready

On the server side, it is now possible to customize the image that will be displayed to the user without affecting the actual document.

Custom Snap-In

With a custom snap-in it is possible to perfectly fit the user interface to the purpose of the application that becomes adapted to the business process and dramatically improves the user experience.

Page reordering

The user can reorder the pages of a document by a simple drag and drop.

How to upgrade?

– Customers under maintenance contract or eligible to the 6-months free upgrade will find their license keys in their personal space located in the myaccount portal.
– Upgrades can be purchased online. If you wish to obtain a quote, if you have any question about your upgrade or the new versions, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

You can download GdPicture.NET SDK on our website.

We hope you will enjoy GdPicture.NET 12 and DocuVieware 2!


The GdPicture.NET and DocuVieware Team.