May 2, 2012 | Awards, General

GdPicture.NET Wins ComponentSource Top 25 Best-selling Product and Publisher Awards for 2011-2012

Hi folks,

The 2011-2012 ComponentSource Awards have just been announced and we are among the winners for both best-selling publisher and best-selling product for GdPicture.NET.

As publisher, our Company ranked 20th in Top 25 Best-selling Publisher 2011-2012 , up from 30th place last year, in ComponentSource overall publisher list.
Our flagship product, GdPicture.NET SDK, ranked 24th in Top 25 Best-selling Products for 2011-2012 , up from 48th place last year in ComponentSource overall best-selling products list.

ComponentSource awards are granted based on their worldwide sales facts and figures.

A perfect opportunity for us to express our gratitude to all our users for choosing our software and for the feedback, upon which we’ve distributed our efforts.
Thank you!

The GdPicture team