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GdPicture.NET 7 Now Available!

September 13, 2010

Hi there! This new GdPicture.NET 7 version has great speed improvement and memory usage optimization and is available as native 32bit version and native 64 bit version. We added a bunch of PDF features like bookmarks, AES256 encryption, links, barcodes… And it has a brand new GdPicture JBIG2 encoder plugin! What’s new from GdPicture.NET 6 ? […]

GdPicture.NET 7 is Coming Soon!

September 8, 2010

Day – 5 The new version of GdPicture.NET 7 will be released on September 13th as expected. This major update is the most important ever published and it has lots of new features!

GdPicture.NET 6.7.6 & GdPicture ActiveX 5.13.3 Available

July 16, 2010

Hi there ! GdPicture.NET 6.7.6  & GdPicture ActiveX 5.13.3 new releases are available for download. Please find changes history of GdPicture.NET here and changes history of GdPicture ActiveX here. Have fun, Cheers ! —– Loïc

GdPicture.NET & GdPicture ActiveX New Releases

June 29, 2010

GdPicture.NET 6.7.5  & GdPicture ActiveX 5.13.2 stable releases are available ! New GdPicture.NET 6.7.5 Releases Available You can find complete changes history from this thread on our community forum. Latest release is available for free download here. New GdPicture ActiveX 5.13.2 Releases Available Complete changes history can be found here. As usual, latest releases can […]

GdPicture.NET 6.7.4 New Release

June 2, 2010

Hello ! We just published new GdPicture.NET 6.7.4 releases. We highly suggest to our user to migrate to this version. Here overview of what is provided in these new releases: Document Viewing speed & quality improvement Document Printing speed & quality improvement Windows 2000 compatibility have been reintroduced Text within PDF form-field can now be […]

GdPicture.NET 6.7.3 New Release

May 10, 2010

Hey guys ! Just a short note to tell that GdPicture.NET 6.7.3 editions have been released today. We fixed some bugs related to TWAIN acquisition & Multipage TIFF image saving. Also, we introduced the mixed compression feature for multipage TIFF creation ! Please have a look on this announcement forum thread to get more details: […]

GdPicture DataMatrix Barcode Recognition Plugin has been Released

May 3, 2010

The GdPicture team is proud to announce the release of a new Plugin for the GdPicture Imaging suite: “GdPicture DataMatrix Barcode Recognition Plugin”. GdPicture DataMatrix Barcode Recognition Plugin adds features to recognize & decode 2D DataMatrix barcode from more than 90 document formats such as TIFF, JPEG, JPEG-2000, metafile and PDF. The Plugin can be […]

GdPicture.NET 6.7 has been Released!

April 7, 2010

GdPicture.NET 6.7 has been released. This will be probably our last major update before GdPicture.NET 64 bits ! Major improvement: New PDF Reader features in the GdPictureImaging class. Image extraction from PDF feature. New JPEG lossless transformation features. New set of TWAIN features. Size of assemblies have been reduced. Battery of bug fixes & speed […]

GdPicture.NET 6.6 has been Released!

January 26, 2010

GdPicture.NET 6.6 has been released introducing some new interesting features related to PDF, barcode recognition, Regions & Multi-thread support. Please visit the following link to get more information about this new release: GdPicture.NET 6.6 Change History ———————————————— Loïc

GdPicture.NET for Dotnet Framework 4.0

December 17, 2009

Just a short post to tell you that the latest GdPicture.NET release includes assemblies for .NET Framework 4.0. After installation, you will be able to find this in: C:Program FilesGdPicture.NETRedistFramework 4.0 As a Microsoft BizzPark Partner, we got the opportunity to test the next Visual Studio 2010 currently in Beta stage which we can resume […]